Fypo Ice Snow Traction Cleats Spikes for shoes, Footwear Trail Crampons Extendable Antiskid Grips for Winter Walking Fishing Hiking Jogging

                                                   Fypo Boot Rubber Ice & Snow Traction Cleats                                            

                                                   Fypo Boot Rubber Ice & Snow Traction Cleats

                                                        -Easy Packing Solution for For Walking Fishing Hiking in Winter

Product Benefits

√Fypo professional and universal Ice Snow Cleats Gripper, applying to different pairs of boots/shoes/foot wear-sneakers/garden muck shoes/dress shoes for city and suburban dwellers.

√The Ice Snow Cleat Gripper is mainly made of rubber material and high quality stainless steel, durable and strong. 

√Adjustable size and non-slip rubber design for safe and work on packed snow /ice combined/few ice patches as well as black ice. 

√Easy to use, and provide good traction on ice. Quality guaranteed Ice Snow Cleats Gripper choice.


Color: Black

Adjustable Size(US): Male:6-10, female: 7- above10.5. If they don’t fit, Fypo will honor a return with full refund or exchange. Please feel free to email us directly, we will solve all your doubt at the very first time.

100% brand new and premium quality Ice Snow Cleat Gripper.

A great safty and joy on everyday chores like walking the dog or shoveling the driveway

Package Contains

√2 x Universal Ice Snow Cleat Spikes Crampons    √1x storage bag

Fypo Ice Snow Cleats Spikes do provide exceptional traction. If you’ve ever fallen on ice and hurt yourself they are good insurance against that!

Product Features

  • [HIGH END STEEL TEETH] With 10 high-strength manganese steel teeth- steel spike and chain system provides excellent traction on a variety of icy surfaces.Strategic placement of spikes ensures equal distribution of weight for long-lasting comfort and durability
  • [EASY TO WEAR ON & OFF] Easy putting on and taking off, extendable to adjust the degree of tightness,comfortable. This Ice Cleats Contain Two Velcro Straps over-shoe keep device secure on footwear, safe walk on any terrain,snow, ice, mud sand and wet grass
  • [FLEXIBLE & PORTABLE] Suitable for different shoe size and fit most foot wear-sneakers, boots, casual and dress shoes. Lightweight to store at any bag or pockets
  • [SAFETY] Reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls when walk on ice, snow, mud and wet grass or other poor conditions
  • [MULTI FUNCTIONS] Suitable not only for outdoor ice and snow, but also for the city to use during the snowy weather, especially for the elder and children